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Black Orange

Through sensually experiencing BLACK ORANGE, you will be transferred to the heart of the citrus valley of Letsitele Limpopo.

The fragrant Scent of the orange blossoms which appear during the months of September and October, transforms the valley into a sensual spring experience.

Spa Products ImageThese beautiful orange blossoms covering the trees, entices a message of renewal. A new season, a new beginning, a new expectation ... life ...

I've always been drawn to the uplifting fragrance of citrus infused oils. I have created my own unique signature blend using only the highest quality of essential oils available. At the base of the fragrance lies the various citrus oils: original orange, the luscious lemon and lime, and grateful grapefruit.

The magic of black orange lies within the added touch of soft floral Jasmin capturing the exotic.

BLACK ORANGE range is exciting, fresh, exotic and most of all uplifting…. making use of only the finest pure essential oils and premium raw materials from selected and approved suppliers and together we created this amazing top quality product.

I believe that you will love our range of products and enjoy the lingering fragrance of BLACK ORANGE on your skin and in your home.

XXX - Karin